2019 Publications

  1. Highly floatable superhydrophobic metallic assembly for aquatic applications
    Z. Zhan, M. ElKabbash, J. Cheng, J. Zhang, S. Singh, and C. Guo, ACS Appl. Mat. Interfaces 11, 48512 (2019).
  2. Plasmonic metasurfaces with 42.3% transmission efficiency in the visible
    J. Zhang, M. ElKabbash, R. Wei, S.C. Singh, B. Lam, and C. Guo, Light: Sci. & Appl. 8: 53 (2019).
  3. Maskless laser nano-lithography of glass through sequential activation of multi-threshold ablation
    Y. He, J. Zhang, S. Singh, E. Garcell, A.Y. Vorobyev, B. Lam, Z. Zhan, J. Yang, and C. Guo, Appl. Phys. Lett. 114, 133107 (2019).
  4. Enhancing thermoelectric output power via radiative cooling with nanoporous alumina
    Z. Zhan, M. ElKabbash, Z. Li, X. Li, J. Zhang, J. Rutledge, S. Singh, and C. Guo, Nano Energy 65, 104060 (2019).
  5. Programmable DNA Nano-indicator-based Platform for Large-scale Square Root Logic Biocomputing
    C. Zhou, H. Geng, P. Wang, and C. Guo, Small 15, 1903489 (2019).
  6. Ag2S quantum dots as an infrared excited photocatalyst for hydrogen production
    W. Yu, J. Yin, Y. Li, B. Lai, T. Jiang, Y. Li, H. Liu, J. Liu, C. Zhao, S. Singh, J. Chen, B. Lin, H. Idriss, and C. Guo, ACS Appl. Energy Mat. 2, 2751 (2019).
  7. Anomalous Ambipolar Phototransistors Based on All-inorganic CsPbBr3 Perovskite at Room Temperature
    Y. Zou, F. Li, C. Zhao, J. Xing, Z. Yu, W. Yu, and C. Guo, Adv. Opt. Mat. 7, 1900676 (2019).
  8. Generalized Brewster-angle effect in thin-film optical absorbers and its application for graphene hydrogen sensing
    K.V. Sreekanth, M. ElKabbash, R. Medwal, J. Zhang, T. Letsou, G. Strangi, M. Hinczewski, R.S. Rawat, C. Guo, and R. Singh, ACS Photonics 6, 1610 (2019).
  9. Hydrogen sensing using thin-film perfect light absorber
    M. ElKabbash, K.V. Sreekanth, Y. Alapan, M. Kim, J. Cole, A. Fraiwan, T. Letsou, Y. Li, C. Guo, R.M. Sankaran, U. Gurkan, M. Hinczewski, G. Strangi, ACS Photonics 6, 1889 (2019).
  10. Substrate-Independent, Fast, and Reversible Switching between Underwater Superaerophobicity and Aerophilicity on Femtosecond Laser-Induced Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Selectively Repelling or Capturing Bubbles in Water
    J. Yong, S.C. Singh, Z. Zhan, F. Chen, C. Guo, ACS Appl. Mat. & Interfaces 11, 8667 (2019).
  11. Photothermal and Joule-Heating-Induced Negative-Photoconductivity-based Ultraresponsive and Near-Zero-Biased Copper Selenide Photodetectors
    S.C. Singh, Y. Peng, J. Rutledge, and C. Guo, ACS Appl. Elec. Mat. 1, 1169 (2019).
  12. Intraband divergences in third order optical responses of 2D systems
    J. L. Cheng, J. E. Sipe, S. W. Wu, and C. Guo, APL Photonics 4, 034201 (2019).
  13. Quasi-rhombus metasurfaces as multimode interference couplers for controlling the propagation of modes in dielectric-loaded waveguides
    C. Yao, S.S. Singh, M. ElKabbash, J. Zhang, H. Lu, and C. Guo, Opt. Lett. 44, 1654 (2019).
  14. Metasurface integrated with double-helix point spread function and metalens for three-dimensional imaging
    C. Jin, J. Zhang, and C. Guo, Nanophotonics 8, 451 (2019).
  15. Low- and high-order nonlinear optical properties of Ag2S quantum dot thin films
    Y. Fu, R.A. Ganeev, G.S. Boltaev, S.K. Maurya, V.V. Kim, C. Zhao, A. Rout, and C. Guo, Nanophotonics 8, 849 (2019).
  16. DNA-based digital Comparator System Constructed by Multifunctional Nanoswitches
    H. Geng, C. Zhou, and C. Guo, Nanoscale 11, 21856 (2019).
  17. Ten-input Cube Root Logic Computation with Rational Designed DNA nanoswitches coupled with DNA Strand Displacement Process
    C. Zhou, H. Geng, P. Wang, and C. Guo, ACS Appl. Mat. & Interf. 12, 2601 (2019).
  18. Optical anisotropy of black phosphorus by total internal reflection
    W. Xin, H. Jiang, T. Sun, X. Gao, S. Chen, B. Zhao, J. Yang, H. Jiang, Z. Liu, J. Tia, and C. Guo, Nano Materials Sci. 1,304 (2019).
  19. Coral-like reduced graphene oxide/tungsten sulfide hybrid as a cathode host of high performance lithium-sulfur battery
    X. Li, Z. Pan, Z. Li, X. Wang, B. Saravanakumar, Y. Zhong, M. Xu, Y. Liao, L. Xing, Y. Qiu, C. Guo, and W. Li, J. Power Sources 420, 22 (2019).
  20. Hydrogen evolution reaction from bare and surface functionalized few-layer MoS2 nanosheets in acidic and alkaline electrolytes
    B. Lai, S.C. Singh, J. Bindra, T.P. Yadav, W. Yu, S. McGill, N. Dalal, A. Srivastava, and C. Guo, Materials Today Chemistry 14, 100207 (2019).
  21. Third harmonic generation of undoped graphene in Hartree-Fock approximation
    J. L. Cheng, J. E. Sipe, and C. Guo, Phys. Rev. B 100, 245433 (2019).
  22. Fluorescence Enhanced Lab-on-a-chip patterned by Hybrid Technique of Femtosecond Laser Direct Writing and Anodized Aluminum Oxide Porous Nanostructuring
    Z. Yu, Y. Lei, W. Yu, J.L. Cheng, J. Xing, X. Zheng, Z. Zhan, C. Guo, Nanoscale Adv. 1, 3474 (2019)
  23. Microfluidic Channels Fabrication Based on Underwater Superpolymphobic Microgrooves Produced by Femtosecond Laser Direct Writing (Cover Article)
    J. Yong, Z. Zhan, S.C. Singh, F. Chen, C. Guo, ACS Appl. Polymer Mat. 1, 2819 (2019).
  24. Femtosecond Laser-Produced Underwater 'Superpolymphobic' Nanorippled Surfaces: Repelling Liquid Polymers in Water for Applications of Controlling Polymer Shape and Adhesion
    J. Yong, S.C. Singh, Z. Zhan, M. EIKabbash, F. Chen, and C. Guo, ACS Appl. Nano Mat. 2, 7362 (2019).
  25. Femtosecond Laser-Structured Underwater 'Superpolymphobic' Surfaces (Cover Article)
    J. Yong, Z. Zhan, S.C. Singh, F. Chen, C. Guo, Langmuir 35, 9318 (2019).
  26. Superamphiphobic Surfaces with Controllable Adhesion Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser Bessel beam on PTFE
    D. Chu, S. Singh, J. Yong, Z. Zhan, X. Sun, J. Duan, C. Guo, Adv. Mat. Interfaces 6, 1900550 (2019).
  27. Creating Superhydrophobic Polymer Surfaces with Super-Strong Resistance to Harsh Cleaning and Mechanical Abrasion Fabricated by Scalable One-Step Thermal-Imprinting
    Z. Zhan, Z. Li, X. Li, E. Garcell, S. Singh, M. ElKabbash, C. Guo, Adv. Mat. Interfaces 6,1900240 (2019)
  28. How to Obtain Six Different Superwettabilities on a Same Microstructured Pattern: Relationship between Various Superwettabilities in Different Solid/Liquid/Gas Systems
    J. Yong, S.C. Singh, Z. Zhan, F. Chen, C. Guo, Langmuir 35, 921 (2019).
  29. Bioinspired Hierarchical Surfaces Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser and Hydrothermal Method for Water Harvesting
    J. Lu, J. Yang, S. Singh, W. Xin, Z. Yu, C. Guo, Langmuir 35, 3562 (2019).
  30. Split Aptamer-based Detection of Adenosine Triphosphate using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Two Kinds of Gold Nanoparticles
    C. Zhou, Z. Yu, W. Yu, H. Liu, H. Zhang, C. Guo, Microchimica Acta 186, 251 (2019).
  31. Design of Aluminum Bow-tie Nanoantennas Array with Geometrical Control to Tune LSPR from UV to near-IR for Optical Sensing
    B. Wang, S.C. Singh, H. Lu, C. Guo, Plasmonics (2019) doi: 10.1007/s11468-019-01071-z
  32. Theoretical investigation of strain-engineered WSe2 monolayers as anode material for Li-ion batteries
    J. Rehman, R. Ali, N. Ahmad, X. Lv, and C. Guo, J. Alloys & Compounds 804, 370 (2019).
  33. A Review of Femtosecond Laser-Structured Superhydrophobic or Underwater Superoleophobic Porous Surfaces/Materials for Efficient Oil/Water Separation
    J. Yong, Q. Yang, C. Guo, F. Chen, and X. Hou, RSC Advances 9,12470 (2019).
  34. Ultrasensitive optical detection of water pressure in microfluidics using smart reduced graphene oxide glass
    W. Xin, T. Wu, T. Zou, Y. Wang, W. Jiang, F. Xing, J. Yang, and C. Guo, Frontiers in Chemistry 7, 395 (2019).
  35. High-order harmonics generation under quasi-phase matched conditions in silver, boron, and silver sulfide plasmas of different configurations
    R.A. Ganeev, G.S. Boltaev, V.V. Kim, P.V. Redkin, and C. Guo, J. Appl. Phys. 125, 153101 (2019).
  36. High-order harmonic generation using quasi-phase matching and two-color pump in the plasmas containing molecular and alloyed metal sulfide quantum dots
    R.A. Ganeev, G.S. Boltaev, V.V. Kim, M. Venkatesh, A.I. Zvyagin, M.S. Smirnov, O.V. Ovchinnikov, M. W鰏tmann, H. Zacharias, and C. Guo, J. Appl. Phys. 126, 193103 (2019).
  37. Time-dependent optimization of laser-produced molecular plasmas through high-order harmonic generation
    G.S. Boltaev, R.A. Ganeev, V.V. Kim, K.Zhang, V. Mottamchetty, and C. Guo, Phys. of Plasmas 26, 100703 (2019).
  38. Nonlinear optical characterization of copper nanoellipsoids
    G.S. Boltaev, R.A. Ganeev, P.S. Krishnendu, K. Zhang, and C. Guo, Sci. Rep. 9, 11414 (2019).
  39. Aluminum nanoparticle plasma formation for high-order harmonics generation
    V. Kim, D. Ivanov, R. Ganeev, M. Venkatesh, G. Boltaev, M. Garcia, B. Rethfeld, and C. Guo, J. of Physics B 52, 245601 (2019).
  40. Comparison studies of high-order harmonic generation in argon gas and different laser-produced plasmas
    R.A. Ganeev, G.S. Boltaev, V.V. Kim, M. Venkatesh, and C. Guo, OSA Continuum 2, 2381 (2019).
  41. Role of Carbon Clusters in High-Order Harmonic Generation in Graphite Plasmas
    R.A. Ganeev, G.S. Boltaev, K. Zhang, S.K. Maurya, M. Venkatesh, Z. Yu, V.V. Kim, and C. Guo, OSA Continuum 2, 1510 (2019).
  42. Resonance-enhanced harmonics in mixed laser-produced plasmas
    G. Boltaev, R. Ganeev, V. Strelkov, V. Kim, K. Zhang, M. Venkatesh, C. Guo, Plasma Res. Exp. 1, 035002 (2019).
  43. Structural variations during aging of the particles synthesized by laser ablation of copper in water
    K. Zhang, R.A.Ganeev, G.S. Boltaev, and C. Guo, Appl. Phys. A 125, 698 (2019).
  44. Effects of laser plasma formation on quasi-phase matching of high-order harmonics from nanoparticles and atoms
    R.A. Ganeev, G.S. Boltaev, V.V. Kim, and C. Guo, Nanomaterials 9, 572 (2019).
  45. Study of Various Material Particles by Third Harmonic Generation Method Based on Laser Pulse Induced Plasma
    S.K. Maurya, M. Venkatesh, R.A. Ganeev, and C. Guo, Opt. Mat. 98, 109423 (2019).
  46. Broadband infrared plasmonic metamaterial absorber with multipronged absorption mechanisms
    C-H. Fann, J. Zhang, M. ElKabbash, W.R. Donaldson, M. Campbell, and C. Guo, Opt. Exp. 27, 27917 (2019).
  47. Creation of enhanced transmission for clear and frosted glasses through facile surface texturing
    D. Chu, S.C. Singh, Z. Zhan, X. Sun, J. Duan, C. Guo, Opt. Mat. Express 9, 2946 (2019).
  48. Femtosecond laser induced periodic surface structures for the enhancement of field emission properties of tungsten
    M. Akram, S. Bashir, S.A. Jalil, M. ElKabbash, F. Aumayr, A. Ajami, W. Husinsky, K. Mahmood, M. S. Rafique, and C. Guo, Opt. Mat. Express 9, 3183 (2019).
  49. Charge transfer induced surface enhanced Raman scattering of single crystal and poly crystal perovskites
    Z. Yu, W. Yu, C. Guo, Chinese Optics 12, 952 (2019).
  50. Design of extremely sensitivity refractive index sensors for blood glucose detection
    S.K. Chamoli, S. Singh, and C. Guo, IEEE Sensors (2019) doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2020.2964715
  51. Femtosecond laser ablation and photo-induced effects of As40S60, Ga0.8As39.2S60 and Ga0.8As29.2Sb10S60 chalcogenide glasses
    L. Liu, X. Zheng, X. Xiao, Y. Xu, X. Cui, J. Cui, C. Guo, J. Yang, and H. Guo, Opt. Mat. Express 9, 3582 (2019).
  52. Controllable fabrication of polygonal micro and nanostructures on sapphire surfaces by chemical etching after femtosecond laser irradiation
    H. Xei, R.S. Joshya, J. Yang, and C. Guo, Opt. Mat. Express 9, 2994 (2019).
  53. Effect of size on the saturable absorption and reverse saturable absorption in silver nanoparticle and ultrafast dynamics at 400 nm
    S.K. Maurya, A. Rout, R.A. Ganeev, and C. Guo, J. of Nanomaterials 2019, 9686913 (2019).
  54. A High-Efficiency Multispectral Filter Based on Plasmonic Hybridization between Two Cascaded Ultrathin Nanogratings
    B. Zhao, Z. Huang, J. Yang, L. Zhang, J. Shyamala, and C. Guo, Molecules 24, 2038 (2019).
  55. Pulse duration and wavelength effects of laser ablation on the oxidation, hydrolysis, and aging of aluminum nanoparticles in water
    K. Zhang, D. S. Ivanov, R.A. Ganeev, G.S. Boltaev, P.S. Krishnendu, S.C. Singh, M.E. Garcia, I.N. Zavestovskaya, and C. Guo, Nanomaterials 9, 767 (2019).
  56. Robust mold fabricated by femtosecond laser pulses for continuous thermal imprinting of superhydrophobic surfaces
    Z. Zhan, E. Garcell, and C. Guo, Mater. Res. Express 6, 075011 (2019).
  57. One-step Fabrication of Bi- and Quad-directional Femtosecond Laser-induced Periodic Surface Structures on Metal with a Depolarizer
    T.Y. Hwang, H. Shin, J. Kang, B. Lee, and C. Guo, Appl. Surf. Sci. 493, 231 (2019).
  58. Hierarchical Micro/nanostructured TiO2/Ag Substrates Based on Femtosecond Laser Structuring: A Facile Route for Enhanced SERS Performance and Location Predictability
    J. Lu, J. Yang, S.C. Singh, Z. Zhan, Z. Yu, W. Xin, T. Huang, and C. Guo, Appl. Surf. Sci. 478, 737 (2019).
  59. Maskless formation of uniform subwavelength periodic surface structures by double temporally-delayed femtosecond laser beams
    S.A. Jalil, J. Yang, M. ElKabbash, S.C. Singh, C. Guo, Appl. Surface Sci. 471, 516 (2019).
  60. Colorful multifunctional surfaces produced by femtosecond laser pulses
    E.M. Garcell and C. Guo, Opt. Mat. Express 9, 1033 (2019).
  61. Analytical treatment of quasi-phase matching of high-order harmonics in multijet laser plasmas: influence of free electrons between jets, intrinsic phase, and Gouy phase
    P. Redkin, R. Ganeev, and C. Guo, J. of Phys. B 52, 075601 (2019).
  62. Nonlinear optical studies of gold nanoparticle films
    A. Rout, G.S. Boltaev, R.A. Ganeev, Y. Fu, S.K. Maurya, V.V. Kim, K.S. Rao, and C. Guo, Nanomaterials 9, 291 (2019).
  63. Low- and high-order nonlinear optical studies of ZnO nanocrystals, nanoparticles, and nanorods
    A. Rout, G. Boltaev, R.A. Ganeev, K.S. Rao, D. Fu, R.Y. Rakhimov, S.S. Kurbanov, S.Z. Urolov, Z.S. Shaymardanov, and C. Guo, European Physical J. D (in press, 2019).
  64. Influence of gadolinium doping on low and high-order nonlinear optical properties and transient absorption dynamics of ZnO nanomaterials
    M. Venkatesh, R.A. Ganeev, K.S. Rao, G.S. Boltaev, K. Zhang, A. Srivastava, J.K. Bindra, S. Singh, V.V. Kim, S.K. Maurya, G.F. Strouse, N.S. Dalal, and C. Guo, Opt. Materials 95, 109241 (2019).
  65. Comparative analyses of optical limiting effects in metal nanoparticles and perovskite nanocrystals
    K.S. Rao, R.A. Ganeev, K. Zhang, Y. Fu, G.S. Boltaev, S.K. Maurya, and C. Guo, Optical Materials 92, 366 (2019).
  66. Interaction of pulses of different duration with chemically prepared silver nanoparticles: analysis of optical nonlinearities
    K. Zhang; R.A. Ganeev; K.S. Rao; S.K. Maurya; G.S. Boltaev; P.S. Krishnendu; Z. Yu; W. Yu; Y. Fu; C. Guo, J. Nanomaterials, 2019, 6056528 (2019).
  67. 2 Tb/s all-optical gates based on two-photon absorption in quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifiers
    A. Kotb, K. Zoiros, and C. Guo, Opt. & Laser Tech. 112, 442 (2019).
  68. 1 Tb/s All-Optical XOR and AND Gates Using Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifier-Based Turbo-Switched Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
    A. Kotb, K. Zoiros, & C. Guo, J. of Computational Electronics 18, 628 (2019).
  69. Ultrafast performance of all-optical AND and OR logic operations at 160 Gb/s using photonic crystal semiconductor optical amplifier
    A. Kotb, K. Zoiros, and C. Guo, Opt. and Laser Tech. 119, 105611 (2019).
  70. Theoretical demonstration of 250 Gb/s ultrafast all-optical memory using Mach-Zehnder interferometers with quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers
    A. Kotb and C. Guo, IEEE J. Selected Topics in Quant. Electr. (2019) doi:10.1109/JSTQE.2019.2948051
  71. 320 Gb/s All-Optical XOR Gate Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifier-Mach-Zehnder Interferometer and Delayed Interferometer
    A. Kotb, K. Zoiros, and C. Guo, Photonic Network Comm. 38, 177 (2019).
  72. Size-dependent off-resonant nonlinear optical properties of gold nanoparticles and demonstration of efficient optical limiting
    Y. Fu, R.A. Ganeev, P.S. Krishnendu, C. Zhou, K.S. Rao, C. Guo, Opt. Mat. Exp. 9, 976 (2019).
  73. Nonlinear optics of graphene and other 2D materials in layered structures
    J. Cheng, J. Sipe, N. Vermeulen, C. Guo, J. of Phys.: Photonics 1, 015002 (2019).
  74. Effect of different hardness and melting point of the metallic surfaces on structural and optical properties of synthesized nanoparticles
    K. Zhang, R.A Ganeev, G.S. Boltaev, P. Redkin, and C. Guo, Mat. Res. Express 6, 045027 (2019).
  75. Ag2S quantum dots in the fields of picosecond and femtosecond UV and IR pulses: optical limiting, nonlinear absorption and refraction properties
    Y. Fu, R.A. Ganeev, C. Zhao, K.S. Rao, S.K. Maurya, W. Yu, K. Zhang, and C. Guo, Appl. Phys. B 125, 1 (2019).
  76. Numerical investigation of an all-optical logic OR gate at 80 Gb/s with dual pump-probe semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA)-assisted Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI)
    A. Kotb, K. Zoiros, C. Guo, J. Computational Electronics 18, 271 (2019).
  77. Two-photon absorption in quantum-dots semiconductor optical amplifiers-based all-optical logic XOR gate at 2 Tb/s
    A. Kotb and C. Guo, Opt. & Quantum Elect. 51, 58 (2019).
  78. Formation of controllable 1D and 2D periodic surface patterns by femtosecond laser pulses 
    S.A. Jalil, J. Yang, M. ElKabbash, C. Cong, and C. Guo, Appl. Phys. Lett. 115, 031601 (2019).
  79. Formation of uniform two-dimensional subwavelength structures by delayed Triple femtosecond laser pulse irradiation 
    S.A. Jalil, J. Yang, M. ElKabbash, Y. Lei, W. He, and C. Guo, Opt. Lett. 44, 2278 (2019).

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